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The legal and economical situation of the Thai Cannabis market.

After taking the first steps towards the liberalization of hemp cultivation over the course of the last few years, at the end of 2018 Thailand’s government decided to legalize medical cannabis as the first Southeast Asian country. Thereby Thailand is on track to become one of the relevant players in the upcoming Asian cannabis and hemp markets, if not worldwide. This is not least due to its exceptional cultivation conditions and central position within the Southeast Asian trading zone. This paper shall give a condensed overview over the status quo in Thailand and the potential emerging from the ongoing developments.


Average price per  bottle cannabis oil 5ml


Industrial purchasing cost  per Gramm


People interested in pre-enrolling to med. cannabis programm


Worth of illegal cannabis seized in 2018

Historical Background

Back then, Thai cannabis, best known in the form of the “Thai stick”, was praised for its excellent quality and considered one of the finest and strongest cannabis in the world. It was called the “Cuban cigar of the marijuana world” by a DEA agent in 1967 and even compared with French wine. It was a quite lucrative business, with a kilo worth 3$ at the farm easily sold for 4000$ in the U.S. in the 1970.


Healthcare expenditure 2018


Healthcare expenditure estimated by 2024


Prevalence of Tobacco Users 2015


Prevalence of cannabis users


Estimated Prevalence of cannabis users by 2024 


GDP 2017





Legislation and Licenses in Thailand

Licenses Needed:

YES – different licenses for cultivation, extraction, prescription & consumption.

Legalization Status:

Medical cannabis, hemp & CBD oil
– Legal with license;
Recreational use remains illegal

Core Market Segments:

Research & development, medical cannabis products (oils), healthcare and recreational cannabis tourism.

Market Access:

Protected & high security standards; Cultivation & extraction only in co-operation with full- or partly-public institutions.

Users Preference:

Cannabis & CBD oils.

Plantations and Growing:

Thai land-race only, mainly indoor & greenhouse, outdoor (hemp only).

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