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Accelerate progress

As link between the European and Asian cannabis & hemp industry we foster sustainable business, research and innovation.

We provide full spectrum consultancy, business strategy development and market insights to help you access the hemp & cannabis industry. Among others, we support you on:

  • Research Collaborations
  • Pilot Projects
  • Innovative Product Development
  • Supply-Chain-Optimization
  • Acquiring funding for your Project

With our network in the Asian and European markets, we connect stakeholders across industries and sciences to form strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Due to the restrictive global drug policies of the last century the cannabis sativa plant didn’t receive much positive attention. Recently, the potential of cannabis and hemp is being rediscovered – in the medical field as well as within many other industries like plastic, textile or construction as a sustainable alternative. Know-how, new products and according markets are starting to emerge quickly. Nevertheless, with a gap of about 100 years in progression and still difficile legal frameworks, hemp and cannabis related industries and the link to the divers processing industries are underdeveloped. Missing supply chains and business clusters as well as low market visibility are characteristic for this field in comparison to the respective competitive industries. Science is still suffering from the remaining stigma attached to the plant, which complicates obtaining permits and funding for research. In respect of these challenges, it is our dedicated goal to support pioneers committed to cannabis and hemp to gain footing and therefore accelerate the establishment of these renewable resource on a global scale. To achieve this, we are convinced that international collaboration is a necessity right from the start to utilize potential synergies between know-how and competitiveness. Consequently, we operate as a gateway between Europe and Asia, with our base in Vienna and a special focus on Thailand as the first South-East-Asian country to legalize medical cannabis. We are happy to support your ideas, projects or businesses with profound and multilayered expertise.

Our services


We foster sustainable business, innovation and research in the Eurasian cannabis & hemp industry.


We provide you with insights in cannabis related industries and conclusive market analysis. Keeping up to date with current regulations in Europe and Asia, we help navigate through the ever-changing legal framework of your business destinations of choice. Due to our collaboration with a pioneer project in the medical cannabis industry of Thailand we can offer in-depth understanding of the legal and market developments in the first Southeast Asian country to permit medical cannabis. With our freely available “CC Insights” on different legislative, scientific and commercial aspects of cannabis and hemp we strife to educate and create a more fact-based approach towards the plant.


As the world only starts to realize the full potential of cannabis, we constantly move on the edge of innovation. We offer strategic advice on your pioneer project as well as on market entrance and accumulating business growth. Based on our interdisciplinary approach and knowhow, we think beyond boundaries of single disciplines to optimize supply-chains and sustainability of your products. Since business with hemp and cannabis is still a delicate matter on the global stage, a good understanding of the domestic legal frameworks and licensing procedures is essential. We support you on navigating this minefield effectively.


Bringing together experts from science and industry for your consortium is our dedicated goal. By integrating you in the growing network of our partners from various disciplines involved with cannabis we strive for enhanced knowledge transfer and transdisciplinary approaches towards sustainable, waste free value-creation chains. In our opinion, close relations between research and business enable accelerated progress for the whole field. As multi-national company we connect stakeholders on a global scale to get the supply chains to work.

Our partners

COMMITTED TO partnerships

Common values like sustainability, vision and the spirit of discovery are the foundation of our relations with partners.

We are building mutually benefitial partnerships striving for innovation und sustainable conditions, for our partner, the employees and the environment. The trust we build, is the potency which our joint-ventures thrive on. Together we can achieve more than alone.

The team

Rosalie Schweninger

CEO & Co-Founder

Rosalie acts as CEO of Cannabis Catalysts. She founded Cannabis Catalysts in early 2019 along with Dietmar Schweninger as result of a deeper engagement in the Asian cannabis and hemp sector. In the course of the project she identified a lack of interdisciplinarity and collaboration between European and Asian stakeholders, which Cannabis Catalysts is meant to address. She herself comes from an interdisciplinary background with a bachelor degree in Sociology, a bachelor degree in Architecture and a master degree in Urban Planning still in progress. This as well as the entrepreneurial focus of her upbringing shapes her deep conviction that this promising field will highly profit from the synergies emerging from the comprehensive approach of Cannabis Catalysts.


Dietmar Schweninger

CFO & Co-Founder

Dietmar acts as CFO and co-founder of Cannabis Catalysts. His 30+ years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in a highly competitive market provide a solid base to audit the visions and aspirations of the young executive team.

Moreover, 20+ years of thriving Joint-Ventures in Thailand and China ensure an in-depth insight on doing business in Asia as well as close business relations.

The Team Images

Julian Nabil Sarwat

Projectmanager & Scientific Researcher

Julian Nabils background can be found in PR/Marketing/Journalism, while also committing to his studies of social science, which he finished with a bachelors degree. Afterwards he switched to a master-degree in political science, which is ongoing. In the academic field he was working as consultant and author to release a first publication in 2019 – for the Austrian president of parliament. Further he was working as private tutor & was engaged in the students representation. He is doing scientific research in the political & market related aspect of the cannabis-sector. Further he’s handling the companies social-media & online-communication, as well as public relations.


Thai Cannabis Campus & Cluster

In cooperation with Apinya Medical Ltd. and the University of Phayao in Thailand, a pilot project was initiated to set up a showcase campus for medical cannabis and hemp research projects. The aim is to provide insights into cannabis and hemp to a broader audience from Thailand and neighbouring countries. The showcase campus, combining different hemp and cannabis related projects, shall educate politicians, researchers and the general public about the potentials of the plant and give a better understanding about cultivation and processing methods as well as the range of products derived from it.

Besides, we are building up a Cluster of cannabis and hemp related stakeholders from Asia and Europe to facilitate close collaborations. If interested to contribute or collaborate, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Phayao Cultivation & Research Facility

Cannabis Catalysts is official partner of Apinya Medical Co. Ltd., which is setting up one of the first research facilities on medical cannabis in Thailand together with the University of Phayao. Cannabis Catalysts is consulting on concept and implementation of the pilot facility and providing the link to the European expertise and market. The facility will be located on the campus of University of Phayao and will be the core piece of a future high-tech medical cannabis operation. Scientists of the University and other partners will conduct research, extraction and product development on site. The pre-pilot facility is planned to be operative by the end of the year.

Apinya Protect

In close cooperation between Schweninger Textil GmbH and Apinya Medical Co. Ltd. Apinya Protect, develops and produces protective equipment and masks for your well-being and to protect your fellow human beings from viruses, infectious diseases, droplet infections, etc. IN cooperation with Sanitized® the first antiviral and antibacterial masks have been developed –NANO and NANO PREMIUM.

Hemp Fibre

Hemp fibre is potentially a highly sustainable alternative to synthetic fibres and cotton. With partners from the textile sector we are in the initial stage of a pilot project in Thailand to utilize local hemp fibres for high end textiles. The pilot project ranges from product development to reliable supply-chain-establishment. If you are interested in hemp fibres in the textile industry, get in contact with us.


The construction industry and especially the cement production makes up for about 8% of the worldwide CO2 emissions and is growing by about 1% since 2010. Hempcrete and hemp bricks could be a sustainable construction alternative to concrete buildings. Therefore, we are in the initial stage of an international hempcrete research and knowledge transfer project, to introduce hempcrete to Thailand and other regions in Asia. If you are a stakeholder in the construction, hemp or hempcrete industry and interested in contributing get in contact with us.

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