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Thailand will further legalize hemp by 2020

The Food and Drug Administration predicts juridical draft allowing cultivation of hemp in March 2020

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Thailand will further legalize hemp by 2020. Hence, they are planning to file an appeal seeking amendment of the Narcotics Act. Currently, the production, import, export, sale and possession of hemp is penalized by the Narcotics Act.

Dr. Phaisan Dankhum, the FDA secretary-general, states that they are currently conducting public hearings. Stakeholders, related agencies and interested people can contribute via the websites: and

The hearing started on October 21 and will conclude on November 5. The process includes the processing and analysis of the relevant opinions. The Ministry of Public health will present the drafted amendments accordingly.

Phaisan said the amendment aims to promote hemp as an economic crop that could be grown by Thai citizens, government agencies and juristic persons with two-third Thai owners. “However, the growers will have to register with the FDA first, as well as provide information on the purpose of growing, species, location, and distribution channels,” he said.

Additionally, for Thai households, a special regulation will be in effect, which allows the cultivation and production of hemp for traditional textiles. Yet, the applicants must be certified as manufacturers of hemp textile products. Additionally, the FDA will permit only the use of specific domestic strains.

“The FDA will also add a transitory provision that for the first five years this license will be granted only to Thai citizens growing hemp in the Kingdom and prohibit the import of hemp from foreign countries except for the seeds,” Phaisan said.

The FDA drafts the amendment in November and experts predict the new law to be in effect around March 2020, the secretary-general added.

Following this plan of action, Thailand will further legalize hemp by 2020, for research and medicine making, as well as for local farmers and textile manufacturers.

To learn more about the cannabis & hemp market in Thailand here.

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